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Kelsey & Trey — Minted




Wedding Party

Katherine Begley

Maid of Honor

Kelsey's hometown Kat. This girl has been by Kelsey's side for her entire life. Kelsey and Kat met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since.

Katherine Cook


Kelsey's Seattle Kat and crazy adventure buddy. Climbing, skiing, hiking, city adventures Kelsey and Kat do it all rain or shine!

Hetal Reubens


Hetal hated Kelsey when she first met her because Kelsey wouldn't give Hetal her class schedule the first day of high school. She quickly got over that dislike, and Kelsey and Hetal became fast friends. Hetal is the best photoshoot, sleepover, Halloween enthusiast a girl could ask for.

Becca Myers


One of the few people who understands Kelsey's level of crazy. You can find Kelsey and Becca snowboarding or making up songs about animals.

Ashley Van Batavia


Ashley might be the only reason Kelsey survived the last few years of vet school. Kelsey and Ashley have stayed close despite Ashley now living in China working her dream job!

Lauren Friedman


Kelsey's amazing stepsister. Lauren has become a proud cat parent to two adorable Siberian kitties.

Brooke Loseke


Kelsey's incredible stepsister and mother to Lucille

Lucille Loseke

Ring Bearer

After being a flower girl at both Lauren and Brooke's weddings, Lucille will be stepping into the important role of ring bearer.

Amy Zamora


Amy has known Trey and Kelsey since the beginning of their relationship. They all share a love of mountain adventures and pop-punk music.

Ryan Aldrich

Best Man

Trey's first friend in Seattle

Parker Dahl


The sassy one

Kevin Wierman


Master of chaos

Jorge Cardenas


The nicest guy you'll ever meet

Keri Libbe

Mother of the Bride

Becky Pietras

Mother of the Groom

John Libbe

Father of the Bride

Frank Pietras

Father of the Groom